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Ronnie Fieg x New Balance 1300 ‘Salmon Sole’

I want that.

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"The Groots"

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Chance the Rapper & The Social Experiment - Wonderful Everyday (Arthur theme song)

Okay. I couldn’t help but smile. I’m not sure anyone else in the music industry could pull this off and have it come off as sincere. I didn’t even watch Arthur forreal but I damn near want to cry.


French Cocktail Art (1920’s)

Thought this was Tina Fey.

Is the No Doubt comment positive or negative? What is GOAT?

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which is an exaggeration, but, uh, positive. yeah.

Why is No Doubt so GOAT?


Leaked ‘Deadpool' movie test footage with Ryan Reynolds

Oh what could have been.

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. 

Oh God

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People keep saying that Gal Gadot doesn’t fit the bill as WOnder WOman, but IDK, I think she looks great.

When we people realize that superheroes don’t have to be buff since their super strength often comes naturally? Gal Gadot can be small because Wonder Woman’s just better than we are.

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I just got home from what’s going on these days. Allow me to explain. First of all, my brother won’t stop talking to me. Like ever. Like Jesus Christ. Anyway, I’m gonna try to type while he talks and respond so I don’t sound like an asshole.

Okay, so, I just got back from this dance club. In other states it’d be a strip club but it’s illegal to show nips in VA. Stupid, I know. Anyway, I went to the store to get some things and stopped at the not-strip club and had a few drinks. Funny, there wasn’t even a girl on stage for most of the 2 and a half hours I was there. I even got singles. Whatever.

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