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Vanessa Hudgens

Marry me


Daily Dinner With Igor: Stoya

This was my first photo to hit 500 notes on Tumblr and a big inspiration for the Dinner With Igor book. I had Stoya sign 10 of these and they are available as a reward on the DWI Kickstarter page! Five have sold already so get yours now!

Man, I really want this. Going to spend the next 24 hours deciding if I $100 want this.

If they do make The Last Of Us 2, I’m gonna need to be able to play as adult Ellie.

My current situation

trolling Tinder for girls who’ll go see The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby with me on Friday.


Game Fuel!!


(via mountaindewftw)


Nike Air Max Lunar 90 Jacquard (by Monox store)



Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Collaboration by Nacho ArranzAnder Zarate 

I think they need a new cartoon, maybe aimed at Teenagers, you know, that Justice League demographic? That’s where they’d thrive right now. Creatively anyway, they seem to be fine running on crap commercially…


First Look: Will Smith and Margot Robbie in ‘Focus' | /Film

No idea what to think of this movie based on what I know about it, but I yearn for a time long past when Will Smith movies were good.

Is it just me or do the floating Daft Punk shaped helmet boulders look more natural than Pharrell does in this video? He just looks so out of place, like he’s just floating around the goings-on of the video the way I imagine a sprite might. Maybe that’s what Wright was going for, idk. It’s still pretty cool though, if only for the floating Daft Punk shaped helmet boulders.

I gotta get off Tumblr.

This place is even making me sick of the 90’s.