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Thanks for the warning. Won’t be buying these.


 Olivia Munn - Michael Kors fashion show in NYC 09/10/14

Guys, I love Olivia Munn.

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Can we, please?! Really. It’s getting way too much like the real world and I’m running out of places to escape to.

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Look what the Ups man brought me!


Gal Gadot

I can’t wait for the Wonder Woman movie. I haven’t truly had a great opportunity to stare at Gal Gadot for long periods of time yet and that needs to happen.


heck yea I did

this isn’t funny

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I’ve never felt so empty.


*Not pictured: blanket.

Anybody know any good poetry blogs?

Like maybe one that lets people submit. Not looking for any particular topic.


*sends you a platonic nude*

there’s no way this is actually a thing, right?

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