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September 25, 2014 - Kim Kardashian & Kanye West leaving the Le Royal Monceau Hotel in Paris.

the american royal family

Okay, I don’t usually post shit like this because I understand motherfuckers don’t care and to be honest, I really don’t either.

But can you imagine how it must have felt to get dressed that morning and look at each other and themselves in the 6 million mirrors they probably have in their room and just be like damn we’re on top. Like regardless of whether or not you think they deserve to feel like that, I’m positive they weren’t thinking about you or me or anybody at all when they walked out the house like that.

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"Will it Blend" is still a thing.

And it’s still getting MILLIONS of views.


Drinking is bad, feelings are worse.

"Beer makes you feel" is my fave.


Kendrick Lamar ~ “i”

Reblogging because this is funky and good even though some folks aren’t fucking with it.

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Photographer Sandro Miller Recreates Classic Portraits Using Actor John Malkovich as his Model. 

John Malkovich’s face is like perfect or something.




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My dad’s friend wouldn’t come to Ribtoberfest with us this weekend because it’s not October.

People unironically listen to Riff Raff.