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Hey guys. I like this video. I like it more than I like the song. Also, YouTube commenters are still as bad as everyone says. Like, who are these people? What possess someone to even semi-regularly post on YouTube? I swear there’s nothing to gain.


Just do it

Essential to the writing process.


" My feelings don’t matter anymore. "

- Kanye West for GQ

Extremely disappointed that Childish Gambino hasn’t rapped over St. Vincent’s “Huey Newton” yet. 

I gotta get up on my PTA.

Boogie Nights, Magnolia, and The Master all need a viewing before Inherent Vice comes out.


Good advice.

For Her, by KodeLogic.

These are great.

" Podcasts are something you listen to, and your friends don’t want to hear anything about it "


Doug Benson (x)


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