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Gal Gadot

I can’t wait for the Wonder Woman movie. I haven’t truly had a great opportunity to stare at Gal Gadot for long periods of time yet and that needs to happen.


heck yea I did

this isn’t funny

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I’ve never felt so empty.


*Not pictured: blanket.

Anybody know any good poetry blogs?

Like maybe one that lets people submit. Not looking for any particular topic.


*sends you a platonic nude*

there’s no way this is actually a thing, right?

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Sort of obsessed with the Men, Women & Children poster that was just released. 

Excited to see this, though I’m not sure it’s going to say enough about what it’s talking about.



This is the most terrifying fucking thing I’ve ever read.

This is the world we’ve created for ourselves.

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Look what came in the mail!


Was gunna pose them fighting the Power Rangers but David and I decided they’d probably all just get along~

One of the best things I’ve seen on Tumblr in a while.

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