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hey there. it’s been a while since i’ve randomly given stuff away, and that doesn’t jive well with my philosophy that love and / or readership should be shamelessly bought. so in honor of the 2012 and the impending doom of our civilization, i thought i’d offer a chance to bring home everyone’s favorite world-destroyer, GODZILLA! MMMRAAAHHHWWWFFFF!! (that’s how Mothra told me to spell Godzilla’s cry, but you can’t ever really trust that guy).

THE PRIZE: 1 Criterion DVD or Blu-ray (your choice) of Ishiro Honda’s GODZILLA

TO ENTER: just “like” and / or Re-blog this post. each note will count as a separate entry, so every fellow blogger can therefore submit a maximum total of 2 entries.

giveaway will be closed at 12 P.M. EST on Friday, 2/3/2012. 1 winner will be randomly selected from the notes. so the odds should be okay if not super awesome, but someone’s gonna get something sweet for nothing.

good luck, and thanks for reading!

This would be quite a treat.

(Source: truthandmovies)