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Comedy Awards

I’m enjoying this year’s show more than last years. Louis CK is cleaning up and he’s always great. Jim Carrey, Robin Williams, and Robert De Niro have all been great. The younger people, who I enjoy, have been hit or miss.

Surprised at how much love Parks & Recs is getting but that show is good people so it’s cool. Hopefully Community will get some love here one year if the Emmys are gonna continue to snub it. I watched some of season 3 today. So damn good.

I can’t wait until I get my short lived tv series on Comedy Central!

I’m gonna do crazy shit in my first 7 episodes before I get cancelled.

Goblin & Futurama keepin’ the spirits up tonight.

The Comedy Awards

Not all that funny…

Good points included:

  • Stephen Colbert stealing Jon Stewart’s award.
  • Louis C.K.’s acceptance speech.
  • "I Just Had Sex" performance by The Lonely Island and Akon.
  • Eddie Murphy getting his comedy icon award.

That’s all that comes to mind. Everything else was pretty bad. All the awards went to stuff that comedians appreciate but not the things that are as funny as what should have won. Basically, 30 Rock and Modern Family won a lot of awards. Maybe they’ll rebrand it to be a young man’s show next year.