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"Will it Blend" is still a thing.

And it’s still getting MILLIONS of views.

Can we, please?! Really. It’s getting way too much like the real world and I’m running out of places to escape to.

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smaller face


Oh man, Woll Smoth is back

So I just saw my hometown movie theater rendered in 8-bit graphics on Google. I like April Fool’s Day.

Andrew Keen makes some good points in this and Web 2.0 at the Super Bowl. I don’t know what to make of them though. It’s mostly about user-generated content and whatnot destroying traditional media forms and why that’s a bad thing.


I’ll reblog this.

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So my roommate still types “www.” when entering a url.

I laughed at him for a solid 2 minutes about this.

I wish these people would get off my internet

They don’t deserve her. They don’t love her like I do. They’re only holding her back.

Every time I get to school I discover more movies I want to download. Damn this monitored internet, I want to watch Solaris!