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Shirts, shirts, shirts, shirts!

Purchase a t-shirt at redbubble and get the added bonus of having one of my designs printed directly on them! What a deal!

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What a surprise!

Ocarina of Time 3D is getting some fantastic reviews. It’s not like it’s an enhanced version of the greatest game of all time or anything.


Just going to point this out: This is what the Wii U looks like. I know. I know. Nintendo for some reason only talked about the controller and made the actual console part super confusing. This is the Wii U console though. 

ooooooooh. Now I understand the HD capabilities.

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Nintendo E3

I was bored for most of it but the Wii U was pretty cool. I don’t understand how this thing is going to enhance the graphics yet though. Still, Arkham City, Tekken, & Assassin’s Creed all on a Nintendo console should be pretty cool.