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Tyler, Domo And Earl On David Letterman. WE MADE IT TO CBS YALL! 

Earl’s dancing.

Tyler and Earl on that Motown backup dancing during Domo’s verse.


Earl Releases His Video For WHOA From His Album Doris. Another Wolf Haley Flick. Buy it on iTunes.

Reblogging for me so I remember to watch again tomorrow. But you know, feel free.

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Reblogging from JGL. Think about that.

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These aren’t my pictures but whatever.

Odd Future was pretty cra’y. I’ve never been so sweaty and out of voice while at the same time, not miserable.

The crowd was hilariously young. There were like 5 bartenders all looking bored as hell because I’m pretty sure no more than 10% of the crowd was 21. I’m pretty sure most of them weren’t even 18. Not really my scene but I wasn’t there for them, I was there for the show.

The show was incredible. The whole room was dripping with sweat from all the jumping and screaming. The show started with Taco hyping the crowd with some popular non-OF music and I was exhausted before the rest of the crew even came out. I sorta expected it to go longer but I’m not sure I could have lasted much longer. By the end of the show I still felt drunk despite not having had any alcohol for like 2 hours so I’m pretty sure my brain was just shutting down from exhaustion.

Went to a friend’s house afterward. This was Friday night. Hung out over there all day Saturday playing video games and whatnot. Nothing interesting happened. Honestly, I don’t have much else to say but I figured my weekend deserved a tumblr-post. Oh, my homie bought Madden 13! Andrew Luck is pretty good. I’m finally excited for football season. Also, I’m pretty sure I’m getting sick so there’s that. I can’t really afford to miss classes now but I also can’t really afford medicine and orange juice so we’ll just see how this week goes. Cool.

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"We Got Bitches" probably isn’t helping my new roommate’s opinion of me.

But I put all my Odd Future on shuffle for the concert tonight. Maybe one day I’ll explain that it’s a joke.


Finna drop $60 on concert tickets.

Odd Future just announced their new tour and it starts in my local venue. I always imagined they’d be in Norfolk eventually. Tickets go on sale Friday at 10 am. I’ll definitely be grabbing those.

Then a month later M83 is going to be in the same building. Thank God for The Norva. Both tickets are about 30 bucks but my friends spent 50 to see Maroon 5. This is two shows by artists I love for the price of one of those so I’m going to be fine with it.


It’s just an american wedding

they don’t mean too much, they don’t last enough

we had an american wedding

now what’s mine is yours, american divorce.

This has taken over as my favorite song from nostalgia, Ultra.

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Hodgy Beats Teamed Up With Madlib For A Song On MEDs New Album. Its Been Hodgy Goal To Work With Madlib For Years So………Click Photo To Download

Oh, this song is pretty good. I don’t know MED but the production is on point and so is Hodgy.

When Tyler Won

Homie: swag
Me: swag indeed
Me: in unrelated news, OFWGKTA is no longer cool.
Homie: lol
Me: Shit's too mainstream
Homie: True. But at least we knew about them before that so we're still cool
Me: But now that Tyler's a sellout for accomplishing something he's wanted since he was 9, I'll just stop enjoying his music.
Homie: Yeah.