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I swear I went to work today and it made me sick.

About an hour and a half before it was time for me to go, my nose started running. When I was finished I noticed my throat was soar. Fuck Pizza Hut so much.


The score of a weary tetris player.

I didn’t get off work until about 1:15 am. 3 of the people I work with did all they could to slip out the door when it was time to work so me and this other guy got stuck with a shit load of closing work to do. I wasn’t even supposed to close. I’ve gotta work today too. Hopefully it won’t be as shitty. Nobody order any pizzas, okay? Cool.

What is wrong with me?!

Boss: Hey Darius, can you just work from now until the end of time?
Me: Sure, no problem.

Hey Internet, I’m back.

I disappeared from you on Sunday night. Now I’ve returned. Since we last spoke I’ve been high on marijuana (first timer), took the doors & top off a jeep, hit up the beach to see a shitty band, and spent all of my money on food.

Tomorrow I start back at Pizza Hut. My friend and future co-worker told me that Cheesy Bites are back. I was depressed for the rest of the night and I’m going to be depressed tomorrow. Fuck Cheesy Bites and all who enjoy them. You enjoy them? Then I mean you. Fuck you. Yes you. You fuckin’… fuck.

I’m glad we’ve reunited, internet. I’m going to perform the ritual and hit the sack. Deuces.