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Good Weekend

  • Bullet points
  • Went home to Chesapeake
  • Went to some local Battle of the Bands thing. Saw one of my friends kill it. If he wins (and he should) he’ll get to open for Tech N9ne. That’d be pretty cool.
  • Went to Buffalo Wild Wings and learned some shit I just wouldn’t have guessed. My friends are cool and stupid.
  • Went to ODU, there was crazy shit goin’ on. Someone got shot or beat up or something. Cra’y.
  • Went to some party, it was pretty meh. BYOB, too many dudes, some chick was screaming because she had a bug in her hair and it fell down her shirt. Everybody got really fucking pissed at her. Shit was pretty funny. I’ve never seen people get so mad at someone for being loud and probably drunk before.
  • Headed over to crash at some of my bros’ place. I learned what a gravity bong is.
  • Watched Top Gear, not sure why.
  • Went to sleep, woke up, and watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. The first time I saw it there were interruptions and I didn’t know who Charlie Kaufman was. This time I really got to soak it in and it’s so good.
  • Played some FIFA and Madden, got my ass kicked but oh well. Still good times.
  • Went to my friend’s B-day party and started drinking at like 5:30 or something. I fought off actual drunkenness as long as I could but I eventually passed out on the couch. Usually I fall asleep last but I don’t think I was keeping decent track of how much I was drinking. Fuckin’ kegs man.
  • Woke up and went to McDonald’s in time for breakfast. My bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit could have used more bacon and less biscuit but I’ll live.
  • I type this from McDonald’s wi-fi. The internet here is so much better than it is at my school. That’s fucking embarrassing.