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Once, mankind accepted a simple truth: that they were not alone in this universe. Some worlds man believed home to their Gods. Others they knew to fear. …And though we have fallen into man’s myths and legends, it was Asgard and its warriors that brought peace to the universe.

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Got to start doing this. 

Definitely. Definitely.

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My Avengers trailer impressions. Don’t let the title fool you, I loved it.


This one of a kind Avenger possesses Thor’s hammer, Wonder Man’s belt, Quasar’s Quantum Bands, Iron Man’s breastplate and gauntlets, Vision’s Solar Jewel, Cap’s shield, Black Knight’s cape, Hawkeye’s sash, and Wasp’s wings. Crime fighting just got a whole lot easier!

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Avenger Queen, by Jericho Benavente.

She looks like Jenna Haze.

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Gentlemen… You’re up.

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My Thor Review. Read it! or don’t… I can’t take the pressure of people reading my opinions anyway.


Better than I expected. I’m very satisfied. I’ll probably review it tomorrow.

Also, Pitch Black Mtn Dew is back. I’m so happy.

Also, there’s a Green Lantern Lipton Brisk Green Tea. It’s not great but it’s still cool.

Today has been a good day.

The Thor Reviews Are Good!

Best news I’ve heard all day.