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Pusha T performs Grindin’ and Tyler shows just how big a fan he is. Him spitting the lyrics back to Push is what really makes this video.

This is pretty cool. Tyler brings Kanye out at the OF Carnival. Ye straight up doesn’t know the words to “Late.”



Tyler, Domo And Earl On David Letterman. WE MADE IT TO CBS YALL! 

Earl’s dancing.

Tyler and Earl on that Motown backup dancing during Domo’s verse.


Earl Releases His Video For WHOA From His Album Doris. Another Wolf Haley Flick. Buy it on iTunes.

Reblogging for me so I remember to watch again tomorrow. But you know, feel free.

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Reblogging from JGL. Think about that.

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Rap Battle - Regular Show feat. Childish Gambino, Tyler the Creator, MC Lyte

I can’t believe I missed Regular Show tonight. God dammit. I didn’t even know CG and MC Lyte were gonna be there too. This made my day though. Childish Gambino killed it by the way.

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When Tyler Won

Homie: swag
Me: swag indeed
Me: in unrelated news, OFWGKTA is no longer cool.
Homie: lol
Me: Shit's too mainstream
Homie: True. But at least we knew about them before that so we're still cool
Me: But now that Tyler's a sellout for accomplishing something he's wanted since he was 9, I'll just stop enjoying his music.
Homie: Yeah.


I heard Tyler got some nominations so I headed over to his twitter. He’s freakin’ the fuck out over there. I love that he’s so hyped. It’s nice to see a different reaction than the “I’m honored to be mentioned in the same category as these other fine artists” bullshit. This dude wants to win. Gets my vote… if I voted for MTV awards…

Pusha T - Trouble On My Mind feat. Tyler The Creator [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] (by R3alMuZicTV)

This shit is fuckin’ ballin’, mostly because of Tyler. I’m in love with this right now but I can’t watch it because of something else happened in hip-hop today.

This genre just decided to be fantastic while I was at work today.