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What this represents: 

The tree is a tree where people got lynched on. The murdered are buried underneath the tree. The shadows of the audiences hand represent the dead bodies reaching up at Kanye, who himself represents maybe another victim hanging from the tree, or even be representing a god like figure the dead are reaching up for. 

Ima be straight up with you, this is so artistic it is mind blowing to me. Every other performance had flashing lights and everyone jumping around stage, while this was simply left on one frame and performed in one place while trying to get a message across. 

Kanye West. That is all. HOLY FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Inspiration is off the roof right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I haven’t even had time to digest the imagery from Ye’s performance but here you go, have some of this.

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Can’t wait for the VMA’s - there’s so much about this year’s show I want to see.

I don’t think I’ve been this excited about a VMA’s since the return of Kanye (the premier of Runaway is in the top 5 moments of VMA history hands down). Can’t wait to see what his performance is gonna be like this year in addition to Drizzy and possibly Daft Punk, right? And it’s in Brooklyn with JT performing so I wouldn’t be at all suprised if Hov popped up. Probably just gonna veg out on the couch and watch the coverage all day. What else are Sundays for, right?

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Frank Ocean on that send-the-kids-to-bed shit.


Kanye West, Kim Kardashian Join VMA Host Kevin Hart in Show Promo | THR

2009: Imma let you finish.

2010: Runaway

2011: Otis

2012: Promos.

I’m gonna go interrupt some country singing white girl and see if I can get a steady position performing at an awful award show. Better than Pizza Hut.

Oh, and how often is Kevin Hart the best actor in a room? I hope he savored this moment.

When Tyler Won

Homie: swag
Me: swag indeed
Me: in unrelated news, OFWGKTA is no longer cool.
Homie: lol
Me: Shit's too mainstream
Homie: True. But at least we knew about them before that so we're still cool
Me: But now that Tyler's a sellout for accomplishing something he's wanted since he was 9, I'll just stop enjoying his music.
Homie: Yeah.