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Was this actually the artwork for “Gotta Have It” because I don’t know what to believe anymore.

EDIT: It’s not. Some dude from KTT made it.


“She said, ‘Ye, can we get married in the paaaaaaaaast?’”

Why did this take so long?

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" “Got my niggas in Paris and they goin’ gorillas, hah?!” There it is: hah?! Go ahead. Say it. Out loud. It’s fun. And there’s nothing that summarizes the wonderfully obnoxious platinum-crusted one-percent-ness of Watch the Throne better than Kanye West’s go-to ad lib. Hah?! is funny, memorable, annoying, dumb, genius, earth, water, sky— it’s the entire known universe in one impossibly indignant syllable. Nobody knows what it means because it means everything. "


Pitchfork’s Top 100 Tracks of 2011: #12 “Niggas in Paris”

perhaps the most factual statement ever made?

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Shoulda been higher but at least Midnight City is #1.

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Aziz Ansari and Matthew Shawver present… 

Emojis in Paris (N*ggas in Paris Remix)

Click here for hi res.

Nothing bad ever gets posted on Aziz’s tumblr.




amazing work.


The Murder to Excellence painting is phenomenal!!!!!!


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Lyrics: Who Gon Stop Me?

Art: Greg Land, Uncanny X-Men #540


The third in my series of #WatchTheThroneComics.

Aziz must really be bored.

Lyrics: JAY-Z - Why I Love You (feat. Mr. Hudson)

Art: Alex Ross

I’ve got a pretty good “Kanye + Comics” idea I’ll execute tomorrow. It’s actually a Jay-Z lyric but whatever.