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I can’t wait ‘til a celebrity straight up crushes somebody. I’m talking video response, completely stomping on the heart of their adoring fan. People need to nut up and ask the people at their schools to prom or do what I did and NOT FUCKING GO!

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Curse my popular shoe size and lack of money!



I can’t even go and get disappointed. I have work.

I didn’t rage about this on tumblr yet but…

THE DAY BEFORE CHRISTMAS EVE IS NOT A FUCKING HOLIDAY! There’s no reason for shit to have been closed yesterday, especially places I needed. Christmas isn’t a 4 day event. It’s 1, 2 at the most.

Fuck TV spots

Trailers are so much better than tv commercials, it’s ridiculous. Since I’ve been vegging out watching tv for the past few hours, I’ve seen commercials for We Bought a Zoo that makes it look like the new animal comedy on the block and a My Week with Marilyn commercial that makes it look like a generic romance that happens to involve Marilyn Monroe. The tone that tv spots give off are all the same and in no way represent the movies. This is what leads to people trying to sue Drive for not being Fast and the Furious.

EDIT: The Young Adult commercial is fine.

I lost all my fucking sources!

I had a bunch of info ready for my Gender presentation but now it’s gone. I can’t believe I would have fuckin’ deleted the damn document. God dammit.

Of course I started Rex Grossman this week.

If it’s Matt Schaub without Andre Johnson against the Ravens or Grossman on a rolling Redskins team against the failing Eagles, there’s no reason I shouldn’t have picked Rex. Even if it was a tough game, I couldn’t see 4 picks and getting taken out of the fucking game. Why did this have to be the week for Bad Rex? Why?!

Luckily my opponent has a bunch of guys on BYE week so I should be able to win anyway. Fingers crossed.


This score is deceiving. It’s good, but I made a lot of mistakes. It could be so much better.

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I just lost a journal entry. I don’t know what happened. I got signed out of something or something. I was really getting into it too. Balls. Language, psychology, and gender are really interesting together.