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heart palpitations

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that’s fucked up

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In honor of the cronut’s two-month anniversary, Dominique Ansel introduces his newest creation, the frozen s’more:

This man is a magician.

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This is hot

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Step by Step Tutorial for Cronuts (you must click the link to get full recipe/tutorial)

It’s always more fun to DIY. Today, Julie Van Rosendaal from Dinner with Julie shows us how to make cronuts.

Yes, I made cronuts. I jumped on the bandwagon. Turns out, everyone’s right. I might pay $40 for one of these on the black market.


You must learn more about these cronuts! A cronut is a hybrid between a donut and a croissant and they’re the latest craze in the baking world! *****CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE!

guess what I’m doing tomorrow

Wait. What the fuck? How is cooking still getting better? We’ve been doing that shit for years.


mtn dewnuts. mtn donuts. mountain dew donuts. wtf? i don’t know.

I fuck with it.

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Since I prefer edges and corners on brownies, I would eat this whole pan.

Back at school. Back at reblogging shit to make myself feel better about all the loneliness.



Louis Vuitton Bananas.


what are they making checkers food out of that allows it to cost $1 for 2 “chicken” sandwiches 

i want one of those machines that plankton has to figure out the ingredients of krabby patties

actually no i wanna stay naive

Rally’s has the best fast food chicken sandwich anyway. If they’re not using real chicken then I don’t need real food to exist anymore. We’re beyond it.