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I now have no more work to do.

You know, except study for finals and write my essay finals and find a job and find a place to live next year… Ugh.

Life Overload

  • Bullet points make everything simpler.
  • Saturday night I got mad drunk and I think a couple of my friends hooked up. I’m pretty sure that’s never good. Especially considering the circumstances and shit. For some reason, i feel like I could have prevented it and now I have this guilt sickness.
  • Sunday I woke up in pain. I have a scar on my back from falling into a post the night before and my ankle is soar and swollen from running barefoot around the black. Probably don’t want to challenge the guys running shit at the beer pong table when you can barely see.
  • Went home and got to get annoyed by my parents.
  • Back to school, feeling like shit. Somehow got roped into a trip over to another college where we made an RA hate his resident and sat around watching the X-Games and Jackass. Didn’t watch the Pro Bowl for obvious reasons.
  • Stupid tired when I got back, or at least I thought. Stayed up ‘til 5 am trying to sleep. I must have been in bed for 3 hours.
  • Missed my 9am for obvious reasons and haven’t left the bed yet.
  • I have a career fair to go to tomorrow so I have to print resumes and see if I can find a padfolio and generally look forward to being a nervous fuck.
  • I’m worried people are going to figure out things about me. That’s probably gotta remain cryptic.
  • Oh, I almost forgot. I have like no money. I took 18 credits this semester meaning I have to pay an extra $400 to the school and that’s really not good right now. So bad in fact that I just applied to work at Domino’s with my roommate to earn some necessary cash. So I’m not going to have time to do anything and my parents won’t be too happy. 
  • Whoo. Thanks.


Thank goodness I’m leaving for MAGFest tomorrow. 

Today people are exceedingly stupid and I simply have no patience for them.

God Dammit, MAGfest is this weekend. I completely forgot to start planning on going. Next year, no matter what.

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Good game. I was just looking back at old “Tetris Life” tags and realized that I’ve had higher scores like 4 times. I’m sick right now so I’m not going to work. I felt like I had to defend my cold when I called in to work. It’s bullshit because I’ve never called out, never missed a day, never been late, never left early. I would think I’ve earned some trust by now but I guess not. These aren’t related, I was just bored and decided to play Tetris today.

I swear I went to work today and it made me sick.

About an hour and a half before it was time for me to go, my nose started running. When I was finished I noticed my throat was soar. Fuck Pizza Hut so much.

I let my roommate borrow my headphones.

His broke and he didn’t want me to be kept awake by his music so I said “sure, why not.”

I can still hear his music, he’s singing (on and off), and he makes this slurping sound all the time that I can’t begin to understand. I would have been better off keeping them and jamming them in my ears with the volume high.


I realized today when my roommate asked me if I had Captain America that I don’t download movies I’ve seen anymore. Like, I used to download movies I really enjoy. Now they’re all just old movies I feel I need to see. I don’t think I have one movie that came out in 2011 downloaded. 

I need to work on time management.

I have 5 things to read, a journal entry, and some light research to do by 2:30 tomorrow. I know you’re wondering “then why are you on tumblr?” I’m eating right now so this isn’t really a waste of time. See, I’m getting better!

I waste full days of weekend doing nothing and watching football, then I scramble to get shit done on Monday morning. This time I was sick so I didn’t feel like doing shit but I would have found a different excuse if I wasn’t. Fack.

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I just lost a journal entry. I don’t know what happened. I got signed out of something or something. I was really getting into it too. Balls. Language, psychology, and gender are really interesting together.