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" My feelings don’t matter anymore. "

- Kanye West for GQ

"Lie to me, lie to me. Tell me I’m not wasting time."

Apparently I’ve posted about this album a lot but whatever.

Just realizing how much I love this song. Like, this is making me depressed that ‘Ye isn’t producing anymore. Even if he was, I don’t think he’d be going for this sound. It’s great though and John and Seal both kill it.

Y’all remember when ‘Ye rapped over a soul beat on a solo track only months after Cruel Summer dropped? Yeezy season was already approaching.


Sanctified - Rick Ross feat. Kanye West, Big Sean

Single Art

song’s dope too

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Don’t worry, they did it over the phone so you don’t have to kill yourself after coming to terms with not being in the same room as them.

This is pretty cool. Tyler brings Kanye out at the OF Carnival. Ye straight up doesn’t know the words to “Late.”

That’s that Jesus Walks shuffle right there.

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Just watched this Kanye interview. Shit was awful. Sappy, boring, useless. I typed out a really long response but I’m sparing you people. I don’t know why, it’s not like I owe you anything.


What this represents: 

The tree is a tree where people got lynched on. The murdered are buried underneath the tree. The shadows of the audiences hand represent the dead bodies reaching up at Kanye, who himself represents maybe another victim hanging from the tree, or even be representing a god like figure the dead are reaching up for. 

Ima be straight up with you, this is so artistic it is mind blowing to me. Every other performance had flashing lights and everyone jumping around stage, while this was simply left on one frame and performed in one place while trying to get a message across. 

Kanye West. That is all. HOLY FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Inspiration is off the roof right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I haven’t even had time to digest the imagery from Ye’s performance but here you go, have some of this.

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“We could’a been somebody.”