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Ft. Chance the rapper #Z

This album’s shaping up quite nicely.

Pusha T performs Grindin’ and Tyler shows just how big a fan he is. Him spitting the lyrics back to Push is what really makes this video.

" "But the melodies! The harmonies!" You protest. Sorry, but it’s time to admit that Bon Iver is the sonic equivalent of an empty canvas totebag. Worse, the Justin Vernon-fronted act is wholly indicative of our musical fall from grace. What happened to us as a generation that this guy gets to bear our sonic torch? Those who came before us rocked, bumped and grinded. They exuded raw sexuality, riotous anger, and sweaty human realism. They hoovered drugs or angrily rejected them, they humped strangers in club bathrooms in adolescent indiscretion; they broke shit, laughed, cried, partied on rooftops or in warehouses, exorcised cultural demons and personal failures, made spectacles. We, instead, get a whiny guy who built his own studio in the woods, perfectly exemplifying that narcissistic hipster ethos of "Whatever man, I’m just gonna go over here and be chill, I don’t want to be bothered or have my mellow harshed." Bon Iver coos the celebratory ballads of hip poseurs who refuse to get their hands dirty, that is, unless that filth is quaint and photogenic. "


Paul T. Bradley for L.A. Weekly

I don’t read this magazine but the article “The 20 Worst Hipster Bands,” caught my eye. I’m not going to harp on some I CAN”T BELIEVE THIS PASSES FOR JOURNALISM shit but this is so blatantly trolling that it disappoints me. Like, what is this article even for? Who is it for? It can’t be for the people who hate “hipster bands” because they don’t know their Decemberists from their Arcade Fire. It can’t be for the people who might like this music (unless it’s to troll) because the entries are this stupid.

I barely understand most of Bon Iver’s lyrics but Justin Vernon doesn’t come across as whiny, especially in his post-For Emmawork. Like, has this dude heard any of his Kanye collabs? His shit with Colin Stetson? Fuck this kind of writing for being so available for me to read while people who give the world some insight can’t get noticed.


Death Grips - No Love Deep Web

(Request by Anon)

This blog does lego album covers.


If you’re gonna masturbate fap to this new Beyonce album, make sure you finish by the end of “Rocket” or you’re gonna have a hard time.


Drake Debuts “Too Much” on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Drake’s racking up W’s. I’m still not a big SFTB fan but I can already picture myself chilling out to Nothing Was the Same. Classic incoming.

(Also big ups to Jimmy Fallon. I still don’t think he’s funny but he did have Kanye and Drake on this week. Good stuff.)

If the music we heard on Clapping for the Wrong Reasons makes it onto Childish Gambino’s next album, he’ll have something special on his hands.

Albums of The Year 2013 - Halfway through

We’re over halfway through the year so this is a bit late but I decided to do a “Best Albums so far” kinda thing. I don’t know what makes music magnificent but I think I have a decent grasp on what makes it good, so while this is a personal list, I think you’ll agree that these quality projects have been important to making 2013 a good year for music.

What you’re about to see is a list of 4 albums. I know, most lists are of 5 or some multiple of it but I realized as I was trying to make a list that I couldn’t shoehorn any album into 5. The difference between the 5th spot and the honorable mentions would have been negligible. That being said, HMs go out to Random Access Memories, Sunbather, Modern Vampires in the City, Kveikur, New History Warfare: Vol. 3, Tomorrow’s Harvest, Slow Focus, Long.Live.A$AP, AMOK, and Field of Reeds. None of those fantastic albums made the list. Click through to see what did.

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This shit right here?!

Cuz: What you ain't got no Curren$y?
Me: Nah, I'm broke.