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Dominos Handmade Pan Pizza

This is probably the sexiest pizza box I’ve seen in my life.

It feels as good as it looks.

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Simply couldn’t resist doing this. Fancy a slice?

Alright alright alright. Who the hell has ever seen a pizza cut into 9 slices? It’s a shame too, this was so close to perfect.

Now I know how athletes feel.

My old job, Pizza Hut, called me up today. Well, they called my dad’s phone to see if I was home for the summer and willing to work (he got me the job in the first place). Before today I’ve been looking for a job while on leave at Pizza Hut. Whenever I got something, I was gonna call them up and tell them that I wouldn’t be coming back, ever. Why? Because I never ever want to go back there. Anyway, they apparently need some help from someone who knows what the hell they’re doing. Not to brag but I was pretty good so it makes sense that they’d want me back.

I’ve been on vacation for a while now and I need to start working and earning some cash. One of my buds is a General Manager at Domino’s. Apparently he’s amazing at it. He takes stores and makes them super efficient. Anyway, he recently returned to my local store. That adds him to a list of 3 of my other friends who work there as well. He wants me to work for him while I’m home and I refused to because it’s still a pizza place but now another of my friends has agreed to work for him just for the fun of it. Working with best friends, running a pizza place, sounds good, right?

It’s almost like taking my talents to South Beach while Cleveland cries and begs me to stay. The twist is, I don’t want to play basketball anymore but I can’t find anything else to do. So it looks like I’m going to have to bite the bullet and make pizza again. My dad has been on my case all day about calling Pizza Hut back but I don’t know what to tell them. My friends obviously want me to work with them but it might be easier to just work at Pizza Hut. Also, something in my head is making me feel bad for those people and tugging on whatever emotional cords make people want to help others. So here we are, The Decision. I’m LeBron. I know what he did but I hate him for that so maybe it’s not the right choice.


Good, not great. This isn’t really a great translation to life but whatever.

It looks like I should declare a minor so I’m not just taking random classes for most of my last 3 semesters here. That’s a bit of a complication because I still don’t really know what I’m doing all this for. I really need to make this decision now so my minor will actually help me in the long run. Besides that, I am about to be hit by a shit-ton of work. I should start whittling it down now. Maybe I actually will. At some point, procrastination isn’t funny anymore.

In other news, my friend is sorta living with us in my apartment/dorm. I don’t know how my less friendly roommates are going to take it if he’s here for over a week. So far I’m adopting the method of them not being able to have any actual excuse to want him out. He leaves nothing lying in the public area, he hasn’t made a mess anywhere and we’ve even offered them free pizza (my friend works as a Domino’s Manager). I just hope everything remains smooth between us. If it doesn’t, well it’ll be my first real roommate confrontation and possibly the first time someone in college has been angry with me. Actually, there was one other time but I fixed that.

Still trying to keep up the effort for KAG 2012. Eventually I’ll post what that means but until I make some headway, it’s kind of embarrassing. This has been an update.

Bacon ruins pizza.


I love bacon and I love pizza but it’s just too overpowering. I guess it’s fine if it’s your main meat.

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Bacon ruins pizza.

I just saw a commercial for this. Holy fuck this is amazing and awful at the same time. This just might be all I eat next year.