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I just finished watching Smashed starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Aaron Paul. The cast is actually one of the main reasons I decided to check it out since I’d never heard of director James Ponsoldt. Then after hearing his new movie The Spectacular Now was out, and good, I figured I’d check it out.

The premise is interesting enough. Winstead plays an alcoholic 1st grade teacher named Kate who, after a few frightening mishaps as a result of her addiction, decides to really pursue some help. Her husband Charlie (Paul) isn’t all too enthusiastic about it but he’s supportive. It’s established very early that this is a real loving relationship, which ends up being extremely important to the pay off of the film.

The majority of the plot deals with the struggle in Kate’s life as she attempts to get sober. Sobriety itself is not the biggest challenge here, but the life she chooses creates some new obstacles. Her co-worker Dave (Nick Offerman) leads her to AA in the first place from what seems like the kindness of his heart. We later come to find out that (no surprise!) he has a crush on her. Boom, ulterior motive and more shit to deal with.

The difficulty she has with sobriety comes mostly with the distance it puts between her and Charlie. While he has his own issues, his drinking is not a problem, and thus, he has no reason to stop. And he doesn’t. But let’s remember, the girl he fell in love with was a hard-drinking, fun-loving mess. His sober wife is boring by comparison, consumed by her quest to clean up her life. I felt real sympathy for Charlie, especially since it’s uncovered that his wealthy parents support their household and even though he sits around all day, he does have a job writing about music. He does very little wrong and his problems with her changing are justified.

I believe Aaron Sorkin said something that basically boils down to this concept; whenever you have two people arguing on screen, try to make sure they’re both right. Ponsoldt gets this, and it makes the struggle that much more authentic. Everyone’s motives in this film make sense.This movie doesn’t take you too many places but I think it does a great job with what it tries to accomplish. It tackles a side of addiction and recovery that I don’t believe gets touched on too much and that’s always refreshing. I’m recommending it.



Note: Spoilers through Episode 2.09.

I wanted to use such a nice picture for this episode to contrast just how brutally miserable it was. I mean, this was an episode that showed not only how fucked up all of these characters are, but also how they’ve fighting so hard against their base…

Read this review. I enjoyed it.

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So I watched Midnight in Paris today. I can’t say that I’m impressed. I can’t even say that I liked it. The concept is cool. It’s probably even more interesting if you know and care about all those historical geniuses of art and literature. However, I felt absolutely no emotional connection to Wilson or any other character. The whole thing feels loosely put together. Having all these brilliant creators in this movie is a slap in their faces.

EDIT: I need to document the other reason I don’t like this movie. If Gil is actually traveling back in time, then all the characters he meet have to be real. If they’re supposed to be real, then Woody Allen doesn’t know what real people were like. They were all just like they’re “supposed to be” according to history, incredibly one dimensional. I can accept that Gil wasn’t actually traveling through time but honestly there’s more evidence that he was than that he wasn’t. The part where he travels back further and the ending with the spy getting chased by guards both imply that whatever is going on is real, especially the second one. I understand it’s just supposed to be funny but it doesn’t make any sense and that makes me mad.

I forgot to tell you guys I reviewed Young Adult


Saw The Descendants tonight. It was really fuckin’ good. The dialogue is so perfect. The girl who plays Alexandra was fantastic… and hot. I want to do a really good review of this movie.

I was reading something that encouraged writing a lot of non-fiction for “Professional” writing practice. I think I’m going to try to make my reviews a lot better in the future to help with this. I think it’ll help to write from a perspective, with some context involved, maybe try to find some deeper meaning. Up to this point, I’ve been writing pretty thin reviews when it comes to substance. Hopefully I can focus my writing efforts into some stronger stuff in the future. Stay tuned.

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Saw Green Lantern

It wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be. Or, it wasn’t as bad as reviews would have led me to believe. I did enjoy it even though it had some obvious issues. I’d still like to go back in time and cast someone else but Ry Ry was necessary for the movie they did.

Doing GL in a less serious tone was a choice I wouldn’t have made but it seems like it was easier to make than a TDK-toned film would have been. It’s enjoyable for the most part (not so much in the middle) so I recommend seeing it if you already planned on it. Don’t go out of your way but don’t shy away. If you’re a big GL fan like I am, you have to see it. Maybe you’ll hate it, I don’t know. The hate hasn’t sunk in yet.

Just finished watching this. I guess I can see why it wasn’t so well received but at the same time I think it’s great. De Niro directed a movie that would have been a huge hit had it come out in the 70s or 80s. It reminded me a lot of the Godfather in terms of pacing and direction.

The performances were great. I mean, how could they not have been? And just as I thought, the writing was good. The only problems were that it was long (2:47) and a little difficult to keep up with if your mind wanders. You have to pay attention but many parts don’t really demand your attention. It’s easy to get distracted from the slow scenes.

There are sparks of brilliance with action and just really well done bits of drama but in 2006, there isn’t enough to keep audiences watching. Still, I thought it was really good.

My Thor Review. Read it! or don’t… I can’t take the pressure of people reading my opinions anyway.