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Scarlett Johansson

I’m pretty sure I literally wouldn’t have been able to take this photo, so shout out to the photog for not melting.

Under the Skin (2013)

ScarJo has been stepping her game up recently. She was fantastic in this.

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Joaquin Phoenix is a writer who falls in love with an AI voiced by Scarlett Johansson in this new Spike Jonze movie also featuring Rooney Mara and Amy Adams.

Did I miss anything important to Tumblr?

She looks like she needs a hug that I’d be more than willing to give her.

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This’ll be the second picture I’m reblogging for the sole purpose of remembering to photoshop myself into it later. This will happen.

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me likey dat dem dere colla bonez

I liked a bunch of stuff all day. I’m just posting it because I want to keep looking at it in the future. I’m going to want to look at this for a long time.

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Scarlett Johansson

say whaaaaaaat?!

Marvelous women

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