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" Your aspirations are your possibilities "


Samuel Johnson

Thought about using this to open my senior sem paper, but I’ve never been one to open with somebody else’s words, better not start now.

2 days before my senior sem presentation is not the ideal time to understand what the hell it is I’m writing about

but shit, I’ll take it. The last couple of nights have been extremely satisfying. You all know that feel when something clicks. Well this is the last time in my formal educational life that anything will ever click.

I’m honestly a little upset that I couldn’t have gotten to this point sooner. I would have had so much more time to explore. Regardless, the paper is gonna be dope. The presentation’s gonna be good enough. And I’m excited to be done with all this.

Philosophy Test

15 minutes. 95 points.

Not bad.

My middle school music teacher is in real estate now.

Dreams die.

Why does 11pm on a Saturday feel so much like 8pm on a Wednesday?

Oh, that’s because I didn’t sleep last night. When I woke up on the 14th, I stayed that way until about 1pm today. Between that I spent 10 straight hours in the library, said some holiday farewells to friends, and got to have a beer with one of my professors. I think I slept until 5ish and then got dinner, which, thinking back, felt like lunch. So now it’s 11:30 and I have a paper due tomorrow. It’s about Taxi Driver but it doesn’t matter who cool it is if I can’t convince myself to write it. Usually I start papers no sooner than midnight. So at this rate, I can expect to get busy at 3am. Yeah!

I’m pretty sure this counts as self-destructive behavior.

3am and I’m just starting a paper that would have been due a week ago had we not gotten out of school for Sandy. Now it’s definitely due tomorrow so here I am with a bottle of Voltage and a box of Buncha Crunch. Why why why why why do I do this to myself?


I have a teacher for a Digital Humanities class who is completely computer illiterate when it comes to Microsoft technologies. She’s already proven not knowing how to CTRL+F, use Word, or turn mute off. Her excuse? She uses Apple products because she hates Microsoft and how they’re trying to monopolize computer technology.

I’m sorry, which one of those companies is the most profitable in the world? I don’t usually care about this stuff but she finds the need to mention how much she hates Microsoft way too often and I’m venting.

Shit, this is a waste of your time. Okay, here’s the message. Think about what you’re saying before you say it. Don’t talk about something, especially when you know people have to listen, unless you know what you’re talking about.

You get a take home test, you say, “I’m gonna get started right away!” Then a week later, there you are at 2am, jamming out to Miles Davis writing up the final page. I don’t know how mad at myself I should be. I don’t get to enjoy music like this in the middle of the day in the library. People would look at me funny for wiggling in my chair like I am now.

I’m writing a paper where I don’t have to cite my sources.

It’s glorious! The idea is that we’re writing popular essays. They’re basically frivolous pieces about something that interests us. Mine is about the rise of fast casual restaurants (Panera, Chipotle, etc.). I’ve been banging it out and it’s great to know that when it’s all over, my word will stand for itself. After all, you never see a work cited in a magazine you pick up from the grocery store. References are just done in the paper because most people trust what they read published in magazines. So I can say “CEO told CNBC” and not direct you to the episode. Find it yourself!

If I seem a little overly excited it’s probably because I drink mountain dew and eat candy when I have to write a paper. You know, because I’m an adult. Truthfully, I hate coffee and I’m down with with taking focus enhancers like Adderall. I usually just give myself enough time to goof around and post things on tumblr. This isn’t due until 6pm tomorrow but I’m just about done and I’m probably not getting to sleep anytime soon anyway. Well, that’s enough of this for now, back to work.

It’s paper-writing time.