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Kendrick Lamar ~ “i”

Reblogging because this is funky and good even though some folks aren’t fucking with it.

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Take Care era Drake was riding beats as well as any other rapper I’ve ever heard. I defy someone to find an example of someone consistently marrying flows to music better than he did on that album.


Chance the Rapper & The Social Experiment - Wonderful Everyday (Arthur theme song)

Okay. I couldn’t help but smile. I’m not sure anyone else in the music industry could pull this off and have it come off as sincere. I didn’t even watch Arthur forreal but I damn near want to cry.

"Lie to me, lie to me. Tell me I’m not wasting time."

Apparently I’ve posted about this album a lot but whatever.

Just realizing how much I love this song. Like, this is making me depressed that ‘Ye isn’t producing anymore. Even if he was, I don’t think he’d be going for this sound. It’s great though and John and Seal both kill it.

I’ll admit, when I first started trying to get into Jazz, I wasn’t feeling the slow stuff. Something upbeat or technical could always catch my attention but it was hard for me to get emotionally connected to music without words. It’s always seemed like the title was trying to tell me how to feel but was ultimately irrelevant to the randomly “sad” music.

That changed when I listened to this track from My Favorite Things. More than any other jazz tune I’ve heard, I completely feel what Coltrane is playing here. Honestly it’s astounding a little bit scary how strongly I get mental images whenever I listen to this.

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st. vincent // prince johnny

This is like my favorite St. Vincent song and I don’t even know why.

Y’all remember when ‘Ye rapped over a soul beat on a solo track only months after Cruel Summer dropped? Yeezy season was already approaching.

Whenever I listen to this song I picture a silhouette of a man, he’s stumbling like the piano, bottle in hand. He’s standing across the frame from a woman who’s just standing there. Probably with her arms folded. I can’t see her face but it’s probably a “God, you’re so drunk again” expression. And he’s explaining, pretty much the lyrics. They’re standing in the snow too, in the forest. It’s not thick though, just a couple trees. I can feel the pain and desperation in his voice. It makes me shiver.

I don’t care if it’s a cover. There isn’t a single James Blake song I like more.

This song’s been out for a while but Jhené’s EP is coming out tomorrow (and already leaked) and if you’re not up on this, you should be.

She’s been all over everybody’s album and she has some really solid tracks on her EP. Excited for her debut next year.


Childish Gambino - 3005

I didn’t think it was possible but his music is starting to sound even more indie influenced. This and “Yaphet Kotto” both feel really light and floaty, which is not at all what I’ve come to expect since the movie and now the instagram photos.

On the vocal side, I’m impressed with how he switches up his flow a few times. For a bit there, he sounded like Chance the Rapper. Not surprising and honestly kinda cool since I’ve never heard anyone else rap like Chance before. I’ve always liked Donald’s singing too so I’ll be listening to this a lot, most likely.

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