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I know you don’t care ‘cause we’re not actually friends, you just follow me on Tumblr (for some reason) but I’m fuckin’ up.

I’m writing a paper where I don’t have to cite my sources.

It’s glorious! The idea is that we’re writing popular essays. They’re basically frivolous pieces about something that interests us. Mine is about the rise of fast casual restaurants (Panera, Chipotle, etc.). I’ve been banging it out and it’s great to know that when it’s all over, my word will stand for itself. After all, you never see a work cited in a magazine you pick up from the grocery store. References are just done in the paper because most people trust what they read published in magazines. So I can say “CEO told CNBC” and not direct you to the episode. Find it yourself!

If I seem a little overly excited it’s probably because I drink mountain dew and eat candy when I have to write a paper. You know, because I’m an adult. Truthfully, I hate coffee and I’m down with with taking focus enhancers like Adderall. I usually just give myself enough time to goof around and post things on tumblr. This isn’t due until 6pm tomorrow but I’m just about done and I’m probably not getting to sleep anytime soon anyway. Well, that’s enough of this for now, back to work.

I think my deodorant is giving me a headache.

So I understand that Olivia Munn is kinda polarizing. As polarizing a B or C list celeb can be. I’ve heard “she has no talent” or “she’s only popular because nerds like her” and even “she’s not even that hot.”

I guess you can say I have somewhat of an attraction to polarizing individuals (see: Kanye West) but even I was wondering if she was talented at all. AOTS is still solid without her (Kevin Pereira carried the show) but I never really fell for the whole “nerd” thing. I assumed she was just a pretty face but ask me if I care.

Now she’s on The Newsroom. I don’t think I’ve seen her in a serious role so it’s interesting to see she has a little range. Her comedy career doesn’t seem to be doing so hot but I have to say her Sloan Sabbith has been solid so far. I haven’t read anything about Magic Mike but I’m looking forward to see how she holds up in a semi-serious drama with a good director behind her. Also she’s topless in it…

This whole post is just to give a little praise to the blossoming career of one of few actresses/female celebrities that I admire past the point of attraction and respect (i.e. NatPo). I support Olivia Munn.

Don’t let me down. I get enough disappointment from Shia. You know the one.

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I don’t think I could be friends with Nicki Minaj

I can’t imagine having a conversation with her or being able to ignore her in a room. I feel like I’d just be staring at her all the time because she looks like that. Not even out of attraction, just… I’d have to stare. I don’t know how she has friends.

Oh mom

Mom: Need to get some spinach. Do you like spinach?
Me: No
Mom: Spinach goes good with mashed potatoes.
Me: I don't like mashed potatoes.
Mom: Spinach, and some mashed potatoes, with meat loaf.
Me: *sigh*

Gotta blog for a class. Gotta listen to ignorant shit to blog better. Not here though, you guys get my shit.

Duck Philips is on The Killing. I wish this would go off!!!!!!!!!!!! Whoa, almost wasted a post. What do you guys want instead? How bout a rap?

Unh unh unh

Bitches sayin’ I’m hatin’

I’m sittin’ here masturbatin’

2 minutes ‘til Mad Men

I’m awake ‘cause I’m waitin’


I don’t know what to post. Too much pressure. Now everybody’s looking at me. I’m not gonna post anything.

Today’s one of them “bed all day” days.

But I’m sure somebody’s going to get me up. Fuck that person.