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Because you can’t just float, ya know? You’ve gotta be an active participant in your own life. If you start just going through the motions you’ll get stuck. You’ll have holes in your plan and your score will be low when it’s all over. You don’t wanna have to work extra hard because you weren’t on top of your game a little while ago.

It might also mean that you can’t ignore the big stuff. You have to stick to the plan and the whole plan. Sure, mistakes happen, but if you’re not always actively working towards your goal, it’s not just gonna happen. Go for it.

In related news, I’m now officially 12 pages in on my second screenplay. I’ve submitted the first one to a contest because I figured why the hell else did I write it? I mean shit, the worst that can happen is that I waste 50 bucks, which I do at strip clubs like once a week these days.

But this one is more challenging, less of me in there and I’m trying to tackle some new emotions. I’m excited about it. It’s always fun to be writing.


I just got home from what’s going on these days. Allow me to explain. First of all, my brother won’t stop talking to me. Like ever. Like Jesus Christ. Anyway, I’m gonna try to type while he talks and respond so I don’t sound like an asshole.

Okay, so, I just got back from this dance club. In other states it’d be a strip club but it’s illegal to show nips in VA. Stupid, I know. Anyway, I went to the store to get some things and stopped at the not-strip club and had a few drinks. Funny, there wasn’t even a girl on stage for most of the 2 and a half hours I was there. I even got singles. Whatever.

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Just do it

Essential to the writing process.


Future Essay Topics

  • White People
  • @normaltweetguy
  • What is the point of going to strip clubs/Why can’t I stop going to strip clubs
  • Why Doritos are more appealing to young people than Lay’s
  • An expose on a person who flosses daily

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" "But the melodies! The harmonies!" You protest. Sorry, but it’s time to admit that Bon Iver is the sonic equivalent of an empty canvas totebag. Worse, the Justin Vernon-fronted act is wholly indicative of our musical fall from grace. What happened to us as a generation that this guy gets to bear our sonic torch? Those who came before us rocked, bumped and grinded. They exuded raw sexuality, riotous anger, and sweaty human realism. They hoovered drugs or angrily rejected them, they humped strangers in club bathrooms in adolescent indiscretion; they broke shit, laughed, cried, partied on rooftops or in warehouses, exorcised cultural demons and personal failures, made spectacles. We, instead, get a whiny guy who built his own studio in the woods, perfectly exemplifying that narcissistic hipster ethos of "Whatever man, I’m just gonna go over here and be chill, I don’t want to be bothered or have my mellow harshed." Bon Iver coos the celebratory ballads of hip poseurs who refuse to get their hands dirty, that is, unless that filth is quaint and photogenic. "


Paul T. Bradley for L.A. Weekly

I don’t read this magazine but the article “The 20 Worst Hipster Bands,” caught my eye. I’m not going to harp on some I CAN”T BELIEVE THIS PASSES FOR JOURNALISM shit but this is so blatantly trolling that it disappoints me. Like, what is this article even for? Who is it for? It can’t be for the people who hate “hipster bands” because they don’t know their Decemberists from their Arcade Fire. It can’t be for the people who might like this music (unless it’s to troll) because the entries are this stupid.

I barely understand most of Bon Iver’s lyrics but Justin Vernon doesn’t come across as whiny, especially in his post-For Emmawork. Like, has this dude heard any of his Kanye collabs? His shit with Colin Stetson? Fuck this kind of writing for being so available for me to read while people who give the world some insight can’t get noticed.

Screenplay Update

I’ve been trying to prune some pages out. It’s currently at 131. I’ve kinda come to terms with the fact that I won’t be able to cut enough of it to make it the kind of thing I give to people to read (since apparently they like 120 tops) but I’m gonna put it on the back burner and work on something else.

I’ll probably still shape it up but it’s about done. I’m gonna have a friend of mine read it and see what he thinks when I’m done doing minor corrections. Feeling pretty good, even if it all is just for fun.


“The thing I always say to any writer that I’m working with is: Just make sure that in any argument, EVERYONE is right. I want every single person arguing a righteous side of the argument. That makes interesting drama.” David Fincher on writing each character as their own protagonist


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HELP ME (if you feel like it)

I’m trying to write a scene where my main character is listening to a voicemail from his mother and overhearing two guys near him talking about something else.

The idea is that he (and the audience) is just barely picking up on what the voicemail is saying while he becomes distracted by the other conversation but what’s being said is still important.

I need examples of things like this happening in other movies so I can look at the screenplays and see how other writers handled it. I know I’ve seen something like it before but of course I can’t think of any examples.

I’ve just become aware of something called “dual dialogue” which seems like it’s pretty much made for this problem but I’d just like to see it used somewhere professionally, not just examples that exist just for the sake of being examples.

Short Version: Does anyone know of any movies where multiple characters are speaking at the exact same time?


Reading over a part of my screenplay where these two drunk girls randomly start kissing in the dorm room of some guys. I’m looking at it like, what the fuck was I thinking? This doesn’t happen in real life.

Then I remember where I got the inspiration. That happened. Two years ago. Almost exactly how I wrote it.

Not sure why this was post worthy but there it goes. College.